I began to draw and paint following a severe workplace injury on March 6, 2000.

While I had not seriously drawn or painted before I was injured, I worked hard at developing my skills by making art part of my rehabilitation and eventually my ongoing life's work.

Soon I was producing many paintings, mostly landscapes, which I reproduce lovingly in oils, my favorite medium.

I welcome the opportunity to share my paintings and story with those who may find inspiration in them.

I hope that my story will inspire others who face physical and other challenges to explore personal artistic expression as a way of enriching their lives and inspiring those in their communities.

I thank my family and friends for the rich life that I enjoy. God has given me a second chance. Despite my many challenges, I am blessed.

Emmanuel Martinez


I would like to thank the South Carolina Property & Casualty Guaranty Association (SCPCIGA) and its dedicated staff, including Smitty Harrison, Executive Director, and Randy Mason, Claims Manager, for believing in me, supporting my artwork and helping me in so many ways. I’m especially grateful to Ashley Carder, SCPCIGA’s Chief Information Officer for developing my website.

I also would like to thank Roger Schmelzer, President & CEO of the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds (NCIGF) and Nick Crews, Vice President, of the NCIGF for helping tell my story. Special thanks to Ralph Mayer who used his photography skills to capture the beauty of my oil paintings so they could be presented so wonderfully on this website. Thanks to Kris Leary of TrueNorth Marketing for designing my logo and assisting with other design projects.

Thanks also go to members of my care team; their care and commitment to my well-being do so much to sustain my quality of life.

Much love and thanks goes to my family for their endless love, including my father Adrian, my brother in-law Roman, niece Esperanza and nephew Emmanuel (Manny), and my sister Cecilia, who is our guardian angel in heaven. My angel on earth is Cynthia Grimley, my case manager, who helps me with everything, who is always there when I need her. Her professional dedication, friendship and ongoing assistance are an inspiration and one of my life’s greatest gifts.

But most importantly, I thank God, who has given me a second chance and who has brought all of these people into my life, enriching it more than I can say. He has given me a new purpose in life, which is to inspire and help others. My job now is to teach people to never give up hope and to live each day to the fullest.

Emmanuel Martinez Antonio